Rate Per package 

These rates do not include custom charges*

*Packages with items exceeding USD$50 (shipping and taxes included) are subject to a Jamaica Customs Agency Administrative Fee AND the applicable Duties, Fees and Taxes.

Packages with a quantity of 8 or more of an item are deemed as "Commercial" shipments and may be subject to additional Duties regardless of the package's CIF value.

Please see Jamaica Customs Page for more details.

*All rates are billed per pound per package.

**All rates are subject to change without notice.

***Package weight is based on a range 

Extra Handing Fee of $150 applies to all packages that arrive without your unique account # or incorrect name and are considered bad address.

Storage Fees applies to all packages left over 30 days

Delivery Fee of $350 applies to all packages 3 pounds and under.


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