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Rate Per package 

These rates do not include custom charges*

*Packages with items exceeding USD$100 (shipping and taxes included) are subject to a Jamaica Customs Agency Administrative Fee AND the applicable Duties, Fees and Taxes.

Packages with a quantity of 8 or more of an item are deemed as "Commercial" shipments and may be subject to additional Duties regardless of the package's CIF value.

Please see Jamaica Customs Page for more details.

*All rates are billed per pound per package.

**All rates are subject to change without notice.

***Package weight is based on a range 

Extra Handing Fee of $200 applies to all packages that arrive without your unique account # or incorrect name and are considered bad address.

Storage Fees  $30 per day applies to all packages left over 30 days

Delivery Fee of $350 applies to all packages.

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Packages First In First Out Customers who have packages for more than two flight days, upon pickup will have to collect the first package that arrived on their account or ALL packages on their account.

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