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Frequently Asked Questions




What payment methods do you accept?

We accept All Visa/Mastercard credit or debit cards. Bank of Nova Scotia and NCB Direct deposits as well as cash payments in store. If paying via Bank deposit to allow 1 day for processing and funds clearance.

NO cash on deliveries accepted! All delivery request must be paid and made online as our drivers do not conduct transactions upon delivery due to security reasons.


How or where can I collect my packages?

When your package arrives in Jamaica and is processed you will receive a notification and your invoice that your packages are ready for Pick up or delivery. After paying the services fees online packages will be forwarded to the default address on your account based on your selected delivery preference. You can also pay online and schedule your Store -Pickup to avoid wait time. Same day and Express delivery also available once payment and request is made by 11:30 AM.


How often do you receive shipments, and how long after delivery will I receive my package?
How often do you receive shipments, and how long after delivery will I receive my package?

We receive shipments Mondays and Fridays. Packages delivered to the warehouse in Miami between Mondays and Wednesdays by 12:00 PM will be cleared in Jamaica on a Friday for delivery (Sat-Sun). Packages delivered between Thursdays and Saturdays at 12:00 PM will be cleared in Jamaica on a Monday for delivery (Tues - Thurs)

What can I do if there is a change of plan in regards to delivery location?

In the event that you decide to cancel or change delivery arrangements you must notify ipCourier as soon as possible. Cut off time for delivery address change is Friday and Monday at 4:00 PM. Failure to do so will attract a delivery fee to have your delivery re-routed.


What happens if my package is damaged during shipping?

If a customer’s package was damaged during shipping to Jamaica, they may contact our IPC Representatives to report the damaged package and an investigation will be conducted.


Which products are restricted?

Restricted Products are considered hazardous or forbidden as determined by Jamaica Customs, IATA and the FAA. Please contact a IPC Representative who will guide you to information regarding Restricted Items or contact Jamaica Customs directly to confirm if the item in question is on the restricted list. See below Customs Jamaica Restricted List.


What happens if I order a restricted product?

If the item has shipped from our Florida Office and arrived in Jamaica, it will potentially be seized by Jamaica Customs and destroyed. In some cases, you may discuss with Jamaica Customs the possibility of obtaining a permit to allow the clearance of the item. For Further information, please feel free to contact us.



Can I get an estimate before my package is shipped?

Yes, simple go to request a quote at the bottom of the website, provide us with the relevant details requested and we'll send you an estimate.

Where are your delivery locations?

We offer free delivery to Kingston, Spanish Town and Portmore on packages 3 lbs and over. Flat rate delivery fee of $350 applies for package below 3 lbs. We deliver islandwide and if you're outside of the corporate area we deliver via Knutsford and Zipmail carrier fees apply.


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